Employee of the Quarter

Employee of the Quarter

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2021 Employee of the Third Quarter, Sherril Thomas


Staff: Sherill Thomas

Position:  Consulting Clinician, JDAP

Location: Circuits 5 and 8

Time with BAYS: 2 years and 7 months


Sherill’s relationship with BAYS is guided by values which consistently motivate her to maintain a high and effective level of performance. She enjoys people and is very accepting of them. Her compassion for others, and her ability to value and individualize clients; enhance her ability to influence the treatment process and contribute effectively to their personal process of change. Sherill strongly upholds BAYS’s position of giving clients another chance and will work diligently with coworkers in ensuring clients are given every opportunity to complete JDAP successfully.                                                                                                                   

Sherill willingly contributes to BAYS Team Building activities in her assigned circuits. She welcomes the exchange of knowledge, skills, respect, trust and camaraderie shared amongst her coworkers. She believes in community spirit and promoting and protecting the image and integrity of BAYS. This is evident in her professionalism when collaborating with providers and organizations, such as the Marion County Children's Alliance and the BAYS Advisory Council. Sherill has always lent herself to a range of voluntary work outside the scope of her job commitment. She presently conducts faith-based teaching/counseling sessions with female inmates and is enjoying her new status and influence as a published author.