Internship Opportunities:

BAYS welcomes students from local colleges and universities to participate in non-paid internships with our organization. We strive to make internships meaningful and beneficial to students as they gain real world experience working in the field of juvenile justice services. BAYS is aware that students maintain very busy schedules and is able to offer a wide range of schedules to accommodate.

Bachelor level Interns and Master Level Interns: The internship of applying has to be done through the placement office of the university that you attend. Please do not attempt to contact BAYS directly without permission of your placement office. The Placement Office at the University will reach out to BAYS and sign an agreement. After the agreement is in place the student will set up an interview with BAYS. The  Interns that are considered for an internship with BAYS must be able to pass a level two background screening. 

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • View the case management process with BAYS from conception to completion.
  • Learn the rules and procedures of the Juvenile Diversion Alternative Program (JDAP).
  • Learn and have specific trainings related to the JDAP program and the Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Be educated on the difference between non-profit and for-profit agencies in the Juvenile Justice Arena.
  • Learn the key concepts of case management shadowing along with BAYS case managers
  • Have the experience of exposure to a diverse population in the juvenile court system, in the community, in individual/family setting, and in psycho-educational class settings.
  • Be able to implement their learned skills and compliment their education with a placement with BAYS.