H.O.P.E (Helping Others Progress with Empowerment)

H.O.P.E (Helping Others Progress with Empowerment, Upcoming in July 2022 to Sarasota)

Intensive Prevention and Diversion Support Services are designed to complement case management services by providing intensive in-home family engagement through supportive and therapeutic services.  Family Support Partners work collaboratively with community-based partnerships to successfully prevent children from entering out-of-home care, while ensuring the safety, well-being and permanency of children and families. Through intensive, in-home services, the H.O.P.E. program will oversee the transition of children who have entered the Child Welfare Dependency System in Circuit 12, DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota counties and who are dually involved, or at risk of becoming involved, in the Juvenile Dependency System. Through principles guided by Motivational Interviewing and Family Team Conferencing, youth and families are assessed to address risk and protective factors within and outside of the family that impact the youth and his or her adaptive development. 

Services are designed to support the family and implement preventive measures to strengthen and stabilize the family.  Support is provided to foster resilience, decrease incidents of disruptive behavior, reduce intense/negative behavioral patterns, improve family communication, parenting practices and problem-solving skills, and increase families’ ability to self-advocate and access community services. Family Support Partners provide and/or link families with services and supports that will enable them to effectively care for the child/children through the implementation of evidenced based prevention services designed to stabilize and support families for safe case closure. 

Core Principles:

  • Resisting telling families what to do
  • Understanding the family’s motivation
  • Listening with empathy
  • Empowering youth and families


Supportive Services Provided:

Intensive Prevention and Diversion Support Services are provided in the family’s home and/or community at times that are convenient for the family.  The Family Support Partner will facilitate face-to-face sessions with each family at the frequency determined necessary during the initial staffing with the referral source, no less than once per week.

Facilitate Staffing for all cases at a minimum of twice per month.


  • Assessments
  • Individualized Service Plan
  • Parenting Support and/or Coaching
  • Safety Planning
  • Direct and Supportive Teaching
  • Behavior and Mood Management
  • Community Support and Advocacy
  • Extended Family Support
  • Employability Skills
  • Advocacy through area schools
  • Attend Staffings as needed
  • Attend Court as needed


Duration of Program:

BAYS will serve each family for approximately ninety (90) to one hundred twenty (120) days, providing intensive in-home family engagement successfully in order to prevent children from entering out-of-home care, while ensuring the safety, well-being and permanency of children and families

Admission Criteria: (Included but not limited to).

  • Children who have been identified by safe Children’s Coalition as being in need of intensive in-home family support services in order to successfully prevent removal, reunify and or support permanency with the family.
  • Children who are involved in the Juvenile Justice and/or Child Welfare systems.
  • Children who engage in disruptive behaviors and/or who are experiencing emotional challenges.
  • Families who exhibit anti-social behaviors such as aggressive/conduct disorder, substance misuse, problematic school behaviors and ongoing family conflict. 
  • Families in Circuit 12 who reside in DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota counties.
  • At least one adult member of the household must be willing to cooperate with program services.